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Welcome to Princely!

One of the great benefits of being part of Princely International University is that through your distance learning study, you will be supported by a continuous education expert team that is dedicated to helping working adults, from all ages, in their distance education to meet professional goals.

Princely Advantages

Enrolling at PRINCELY is an important decision. Check some of our advantages and how we can effectively help you achieve your personal and professional goals by obtaining Princely University Degree.

Experience & trainings are taken into account.
This fundamental policy allows Princely students to save time while getting their Degrees. In this way, what you have learned while working will be accounted for in your study process and when mixed with the right courses can give you the teachings you need to get the knowledge you are looking for through your degree.

Personalized programs.
At Princely we cover 5 Faculties to better server your needs. Furthermore, our Academic Board will provide you with additional courses that suit your exact needs, and that will be integrated in your degree.

Disciplines covered at Princely International University guarantee our students a highly competitive academic and professional profile. Our degree programs are designed to place candidates above their peers & to satisfy their employers' demands.

Princely provide its programs in 3 Languages; English, French & Arabic. More languages will be available soon.

Students receive the complete course of studies at the beginning of the program so that they can manage their study time accordingly to their work and personal time.

Learning Methodology.
PRINCELY learning system involves practical learning. PRINCELY learning system emphasizes on reading, critical thinking, writing skills. Our courses are reviewed and updated on regular basis by a specialized commission in our Academic board.

Our tuitions are studied in a way that will be a win-win situation and where the student will not feel the burden of the payments. As we believe in equal opportunities in learning, we have financial Aid for specific countries that have economical problems, mainly North African countries, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan…
We also offer payment facilities for all students from all over the world.

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. Student Guide

Students can find in this section all the details and guidance related to application and studying procedures.

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We have several opportunities in our Academic and Managerial divisions.

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