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One of the great benefits of being part of Princely International University is that through your distance learning study, you will be supported by a continuous education expert team that is dedicated to helping working adults, from all ages, in their distance education to meet professional goals.

Admission Process

1- Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.
Every student's case is different; that is why we like to handle cases individually. Adult education is filled with specialized knowledge requirements; this may be your case. Contacting us and getting your questions answered is the best way to proceed.
Don't hesitate contact us, our student coordinators will be more than happy to answer your questions.

2- Fill out the Application for Admission.
The application is necessary to be filled for the admission process and it guarantees our Academic Board that the applicant possesses the required knowledge and experience to be admitted.

All applicants must fill :

1- Application to be filled and signed by you
2- Resume (CV)
3- 3 photos passports
4- A photocopy of your identity card or your passport
5- Copies of official transcripts and diplomas
6- Any document regarding your professional experience
7- Application fee: US$ 200
( Payment can be done by credit card ( please send your name and this order number : 11775 to )

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or money transfer via Western union)

You do not need to send the application by regular mail. Our system is done in such a way to minimize your cost. Once submitted and the application fee paid, our staff will print it and get back to you for any missing document.
You can scan and upload you documents with your application or you can fax them to us.

USA Telephone number: +1 877 983 22 33
USA Fax number: +1 64 62 918 908
Europe & Middle East Telephone / Fax number: +961 3 883 114

Our Admission office will answer within 7 days.

3- The assessment system:
The key is to write reports just as you would do in your professional life. Primarily, the degree program you have chosen consists of studying all the textbooks listed in your Academic Assignment Control form and writing reports about your readings, according to the instructions attached. The composition of these reports must follow certain requirements as to format: title page, table of contents, minimum and maximum length, and numbered pages, etc…

4- Fees include all:
Program of Study
Textbooks List
ID Cards
Study guides
The Apostil from the Hague and memberships into affiliated organizations has an additional cost.

Student Guide

. Student Guide

Students can find in this section all the details and guidance related to application and studying procedures.

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Job Opportunity

We have several opportunities in our Academic and Managerial divisions.

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