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One of the great benefits of being part of Princely International University is that through your distance learning study, you will be supported by a continuous education expert team that is dedicated to helping working adults, from all ages, in their distance education to meet professional goals.

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Objective: The students will acquire a full understanding the subject related to his major.

Cost of Bachelor's Degree:
5.500 (US$) For American, Middle East & Asian countries.
5.500 (Euro) For European Countries / Nationals.

Tuition differs depending on the credits earned and credits to get through Princely example if you have no experience you will have to get the full 130 credits and thus pay the full tuition.

Payment plans available for your convenience.

Academic requirements and duration:
Students seeking admission in a bachelor's program are required to fulfill the following requirements:

- Adults of 23 years of age or over.
- A high school diploma or equivalent.
- Previous work experience, coursework, elective classes, and previous credits will be recognized as course credits after being evaluated by our Academic Board. If you had professional training, you may also be able to convert that into academic credits as well.
- Duration of the program ranges from 6 months to 2 years at an average of 10 weekly hours of study.
- The course curricula are entirely based on textbook material and adjusted to the student's personal goals. The final exam consists of a 15 to 25 page report based on each of the textbooks covered in the program.
- Students must complete 130 credits.

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